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Saturday, April 2, 2016

Gotcha Day Revisited!

Since it's been well over a year (yikes!) since my last post.....
I felt that one was long overdue!
So here it is!
And what better occasion to post about than
the Gotcha Day of our oldest daughter, Ande.

Many of you reading this are already friends
and family familiar with our story
so please
bear with me as I reminisce!
(Some of the photos below are ones
I don't believe I have ever shared before.)

I can hardly believe that it has already been
nine years ago that we were led in to a little room
in a government building in the 
crowded city
of Nanchang, China.

There were 7 other families with whom
we had just spent the previous two days......
getting to know them and sightseeing
around Bejing.

 Tiananmen Square

Great Wall

The anticipation that day was agonizing!
I believe I speak for all of us when
I say the room was filled 
with a mixture of emotions!
I, for one, was quite literally
feeling sick to my stomach!

We checked and double checked.....
making sure we had things 
to distract the baby,
making sure our gifts for the orphanage 
workers were in order and
making sure our camera was working.

Wouldn't you know it.....
our video camera was working
but the batteries in our other camera 
were almost dead.
This is why almost all of the still pictures 
we have from that day
were given to us by the other 
families who were there.

The room was literally buzzing with noise
and then suddenly....
our guide announced, 
"The babies are here!"

Finally, 8 nannies filed in the room
each one holding
a tiny treasure!

Keith immediately picked out Ande.
Before we even realized what was happening,
our family was the first name called.
We handed our video camera to our guide
who took video for us. 
We made our way to the front of the room 
where our daughter
was waiting for us.

The nanny handed Ande over to me
and for a brief moment 
the world stopped.
It was just me looking in to the eyes
of my daughter!
The child I had waited many years for...
the child I had hoped and prayed for!

The hand off.....from nanny to Momma

She did not cry.
She looked at me with wonder
in her eyes.
Then she would turn and look
at Keith and then back at me.

She was 15 months old.
The oldest of the 8 girls.
She was also a little chunk.....
a lot heavier than she looked!

First moments with our girl

Her hair was amazing....not the dark brown/black
I was expecting, but almost a light brown/bronze color.
Clearly she had spent many hours out in
the sun with her foster mother.

One happy Momma!

We quickly made our way to the 
back of the room to get acquainted
with our new daughter and
make way for the next family.

We held and talked to her.....
kissing her head as
tears filled our eyes and
we acknowledged the 
miracle of that moment.
A brief moment
in time when
God answered prayer.
When we became
a family.

Our Forever Family!

Love you to the moon
and back.
Forever, for always
and no matter what.

Have I told you lately
how much we adore 
this daughter of ours?

Happy 9th Gotcha Day
to our sweet girl and
all of our Fu Families!

Friday, October 10, 2014

Boy was I wrong!

I admit it.  I was wrong.  
I made a huge error in judgement.
 Mark down this date.

I, quite erroneously, believed that
because of her so called "special need",
our Darci would not be capable of
getting in to the things a typical
child of her age gets in to.
I thought she would be
Boy was I wrong!

Since day one
Darci has gotten in to more
things than her two sisters combined
ever did!
And the older she gets,
the worse it gets!

You cannot take your eyes off this
child for one minute
because, if you do....
she is going to get in to 
I guarantee it.
Don't say I didn't warn you!

She is quite ingenious 
quite strong!
She will carry (or drag)
a step stool or even a chair
over to where she wants it in
order to reach something.

She has gotten in to make-up,
markers, jewelry, candy, and
even scissors.

Oh and speaking of scissors....
yes, our little darling has figured 
out how to use them even without
the use of thumbs!

Just recently she got in to the closet
where we keep the band aids.
By the time, I realized
she was being too quiet 
and discovered
what she was up to....
she had plastered herself
with half a dozen
band aids.

At one time, Keith
actually wanted to change all
of the door knobs in our house
to levers so that the doors would be
easier for Darci to open 
thinking she would not be able to grasp
and turn a regular door knob.
Turns out she has
absolutely NO problem
turning door knobs and 
getting in to rooms.....
much to the dismay of her
big sisters
for Darci loves
to go in to their room
and get in to their things!

Thank goodness she has not
yet figured out how to work
the child proof safety latches 
we have on some
of our cabinets.
I'm sure those days are
numbered though....she's 
one smart little cookie!

Yes, I was wrong.
And I am happy about it!
This little stinker is proving
to be quite a handful and
quite mischievous.
She is stubborn and determined.
When she sets her mind
to something....look out.

Yes, I can just
imagine the chuckle
our God
is having at my expense.
"Helpless, huh?"
"Let's show them......okay, Darci?"

Thank you Lord
for this lesson.
Never under estimate
what a child is capable of
any child!

Strong willed

These traits will serve
Darci well in the years to come
I find peace in that.

And for once in my life,
I am delighted
that I was 

Thursday, July 31, 2014

All About Darci

Our Darci is now 33 months old.
She was just 15 months old 
when she came home.
This means that she has now been
home with us..her family... for 
more than half her life.
Big milestone!

When we met her in China
she weighed right around 14 pounds.
Today, she weighs 26 1/2 pounds.
She was wearing 9 month
infant clothing in China.
Today, she is right on target and
is wearing 24 month & 2T.

She is currently in heavy duty
potty training mode and is
making huge progress.
I anticipate that she will
be fully potty trained within
the next 6-8 weeks.

A couple of funny potty training stories....
We had been using starburst candy as
an incentive for Darci to use the potty
and it was working great.
She went one entire day and
half of the next day without any
accidents.....but then she came
to me and said,
"Mommy...I want no more
I told her that was okay but
she could still go potty.
To this she replied....
"No, I not go potty anymore."
Apparently, she got tired of the
So...we have since switched things up
and now offer her a variety of incentives!

One day not long ago, we
went to a local restaurant for dinner.
Darci decided she needed to go potty
so I took her and she was successful.
As we were walking back to our
table, Darci starts yelling across
the restaurant,
"Daddy, I go pee pee!!"
Very loudly.
Several times.
Everyone in there was roaring
with laughter.
The guy in the booth next to
us told his wife,
"I dare you to do that."
We all had a good laugh over that!

Darci was quick to talk and
picked up new words easily.
She started putting words together
in sentences earlier this year.
Just in the past month her language
has really exploded and she is
talking non-stop!
Sometimes we have to ask her
to give her mouth a rest!

She is very friendly and social
even to strangers (much to my dismay).
When we are shopping, she will say 
"Hi"to everyone who passes 
and will often ask,
"What your name?"

She is quite a drama queen and
a little manipulator. 
She was quite obviously
spoiled by her nanny at the orphanage
and continues to expect to get
what she wants, when she wants it.
And when she doesn' out.
She will scream and cry like her
heart is breaking, but can turn it off
like flipping a switch!

She is an ornery little stinker too.
For instance, just the other day
I told her not to touch something and
she started reaching out her hand as though
she were going to touch it anyway and when
I started to fuss at her....she just 
flashed her ornery little grin at me.

Another day, I asked her what she wanted for
breakfast and she asked for yogurt. 
She asked if we had Mickey Mou$e yogurt
and I told her I wasn't sure...I would check.
At that, she looked at me and said very sternly,
"Yes or no Mommy?"

Darci is also a bit of a hypochondriac.
Whenever anyone else in the house
complains of a pain or sickness....suddenly
Darci has a tummy ache or a boo boo 
of some sort.
I told her one day last week 
that I was going to tell her a story
about the little boy who cried wolf.
At that, Darci turned to me and said,
"I no dog!"

One of my favorite expressions
Darci uses is this....
She will ask for something (like a piece of candy)
and if I say, "Not right now" she will come back
with something that sounds like..."Ah da yater?"
Meaning....can I have it later?

She has also developed a reputation at
her daycare of being a bit of a bully.
She has hit, bitten, smacked, kicked and
even head butted the other children.
She's even gone so far as to take a
swing at her teachers once or twice.

On the other hand...
she is also quite sweet and gentle.
After my surgery she would
frequently ask if my boo boo
was better and would kiss my tummy.
She is generous with her hugs
and kisses.

As for her so called "special needs" big deal.
She is just like any other
child her age.
She is extremely independent.
It is only after she has tried and tried
 to do something on her
own without success that
she will ask for help.
She can feed herself.
She can undress herself.
She can brush her teeth.
She can color & draw.
She can even cut paper!
10 fingers are seriously over-rated!

At our cardiologist visit a few weeks
ago, we got some really good news too.
He feels that the hole in her
heart is starting to close on
it's own & he wants to give
it another year before deciding
whether or not she will need surgery.
God is healing her heart!
Yippee Jesus!

Yes, our Darci is quite a character!
Mostly she is just adorable, charming,
silly, and loving.
She is our daughter and sister.
We can barely remember what
life was like before she
came home.
She makes our family complete!

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Sweet Seven

This month our sweet Kaci turned 7 years old!
On her actual birthday, I surprised her by 
taking off work early and arriving home
with balloons and an ice cream cake.

On the following Sunday we celebrated
with a party including some family 
and friends.

Kaci & her best friend from school

Little sister, Darci

A cupcake cake!
Kaci & Ande helped make them!

I saw this idea on was a hit with the kids!

Big sister, Ande

What can I say about Kaci?
She is hard headed and full of energy!
She never stops moving, she
is always asking questions.
She is almost always in a good mood.
She loves horses and tie dye shirts. 
She has an infectious
giggle and a smile that lights up the room.
She is great at problem solving if
you give her the time.
She loves her Momma's homemade
chicken pot pie.
She loves to dance and sing and read books.
She never "walks" to do anything....
she skips, twirls, hops or dances!
She is one of a kind
and we love her to pieces!

Happy 7th Birthday sweet Kaci!

Making Memories

July 11th was my birthday so I took the day off work 
What better way to spend the day
than with my 3 little treasures! 
After much discussion about possible things to do....
it was unanimous that we go spend 
some time at the beach...
especially since we hadn't been able
to go last year.

Fortunately, my niece was able to go with us.....
and a big help she was!  
Watching 3 little ones is a job and I
welcomed an extra set of eyes and hands!

While we didn't go swimming in the ocean 
(watching JAWS as a kid ruined me), 
we did dip our toes in the ocean.  
The girls played in the waves for a while and loved it......
except for Darci.  

This was her very first experience at the ocean and.....
just like her older sisters.....she was not impressed.  
She did not want me to put her down at all 
and she most certainly did not want to touch the water.  
Maybe next year.....

We then went for a walk on the boardwalk 
soaking up all the sights and smells of Ocean City.  
Of course, it wouldn't be a trip to the beach without 
some funnel cake and famous Dolles caramel corn!  
Unfortunately, the line for Thrashers Fries 
was just too long for me. No fries this trip.

I love being able to spend time
with our girls doing something
fun...something they will
have fond memories of when
they are older.
Sadly....days like this don't happen
as often as I would like.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

The Milk Can Revisited

A couple of years ago, while we were 
in the waiting stages of our adoption of Darci, 
I wrote this post about the story of the Milk Can.  
Before reading any further, you may want 
to go back and read about it.  
You can read it here.

For Father's Day this year, I took another 
picture of that old Milk Can for Keith.....

  1. God is still good folks.....all the time!

Your daughters and I love you....
forever, for always and no matter what.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Little Richard

Keith's grandfather, Richard, was 
quite a character.
He was ornery as the day is long.
He was always singing some crazy,
funny song.
He had duct tape & spray paint
on his car.
He piped Christmas music
outside his house during the
holiday season.
He loved to joke around
with his grand kids
and more than anything....
he loved his wife Edna
he loved to give Edna
a hard time!

Keith recalls one time in particular when
Edna had asked Richard to vacuum the
living room carpet.

From upstairs she could hear the vacuum
running and thought
Richard was really working hard.....
that is, until she came downstairs
and found him sitting back
relaxing while the vacuum 
sat unmoving in the middle of
the living room floor!

Well.....I think our youngest
child has a bit of Richard in her.
She is just as ornery as the day is long.
She loves to play little jokes
and loves to mess with her big sisters.

But tonight......tonight was the clincher!
I took Darci in to the bathroom,
put toothpaste on her battery operated 
mermaid toothbrush and told her to brush.
I stepped out of the room for a minute. 

could hear the toothbrush humming away.
Do you see where I am going with this??

Yep...that's right....when I returned
I found the toothbrush sitting in the sink.....
still running
while the little stinker was happily 
playing with hair thingys.

Yes, folks, a part of Richard lives on!